At the end of the day, no matter how beautiful the flowers and decor are or how delicious the cake is- the photos are the only tangible heirloom from your wedding day. That’s why it’s so important to find the perfect photographer to capture you and your spouse’s big day. As tempting as it may be to hire a friend or family member with a good camera, a professional photographer is prepared for anything and will be the best investment for your day. I’ve compiled a few of the top tips to find the right Denver Wedding Photographer- take a look.

      Colorado Wedding Photography by Matthew Speck


      Of course talent and aesthetic is important, but a common factor that people overlook is likeability. Do you and your spouse and your photographer get along? Do you feel comfortable around them? Have they worked with other vendors on your team? All of these are so important! Even the best photographer can ruin a wedding day if they don’t get along with the other vendors or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. You want to feel fully at ease around them so that your photos come out effortless. When you have a good working relationship with your photographer, they can capture you and your future spouse in your truest form.

      Couple in Carriage photo by Denver Wedding Photographer Matthew Speck


      Next, you want a Denver wedding photographer who is undeniably reliable. Time management is key on your wedding day to make sure you get all the images you want and to keep the day flowing. Your photographer should consistently arrive early (not just on time), and be fully prepared for the day. Communication is also very important, and you should feel confident that your photographer will get back to your questions quickly and efficiently. And as mentioned above, having a reliable photographer in your vendor team makes all the gears work perfectly.

      Colorado Wedding Photography by Matthew Speck

      Denver Wedding Photographer Offerings

      After reliability, does your Denver wedding photographer offer everything you need? For example, I’m able to offer my clients luxury heirloom albums and high quality prints of their wedding photos. CVS may be convenient, but the prints are just not nearly as high of quality as going through a professional print service. I work with only the highest quality printers to give my clients the best albums and prints possible. These create the perfect gifts and are stunning to have as family heirlooms. Besides prints, I also offer engagement sessions for my clients. These serve as sort of an introduction to my photography style and to a professional photography experience. Take some time with your future spouse to decide what is important to you with your photographer, and make sure they have everything you need!

      Couple embracing in forest photo by Denver wedding photographer Matthew Speck

      Photo Style

      Last but not least, does your Denver wedding photographer work in the photo style you like? Photographers are artists, and each one has a distinct style. Take some time to decide what style of photography fits your aesthetic. Do you like light and airy? True to color? Or more dark and moody? Besides the editing style, there’s also posing style. Do you want more candid and casual posing? More romantic and intimate? Or do you want very posed and traditional images? Finding the right combination of editing style and posing style is so important. Most photographers have a portfolio of work for you to look through so you can find the perfect fit for you!

      Finding the right Denver wedding photographer can feel a bit like dating, but once you’ve find the right one- it’s all worth it! If you have any questions about Colorado wedding photography or need any advice, feel free to reach out here.