In my never ending quest to support you on your wedding day. I’m taking the time to interview some of my fellow wedding vendors here in Colorado to give you some wedding floral tips and some insight into their thought process. This will be an ever expanding wedding resource. So if you have any questions that you don’t see answered please don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments, and I’ll add that to the next interview I do.

      In this first installment for wedding floral tips. I interviewed Sam McCarthy from Little Shop of Floral. I’ve worked with Sam a number of times and she has always adds a sensational element to the wedding day. It is always a treat to get to work with her designs. So without further ado heres Sam’s segment of wedding floral tips.

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      Tell me a little about yourself… you know what’s your profession, why do you love it, etc.

      • Sam grew up in a family full of plant lovers and entrepreneurs, so you could say the apple didn’t fall from the proverbial tree. Studying Horticulture and Business in school pushed her towards her dreams of owning her own business while setting her own schedule and making those dreams a reality. When (and if) she’s not flowering or answering emails, you’ll find Sam in the high alpine trail running, skiing and backpacking, with her sweet pup. Coming back to nature has a keen way of resetting her intentions and is a breeding ground for creativity and inspiration. 

      What floral trends are you predicting for the 2020 wedding season? What past trend are you glad isn’t around anymore?

      • 2020 floral trends I’m seeing are more “desert vibes”, less traditional and more free-form, glamorous and flowy. The sustainability conversation is HUGE right now, so unique and creative ways to create arrangements and installations without harmful foam and chemicals is really on-brand right now. 
      • A trend that I’m glad to see go ahead? Mason jars. 

      If you could only work with one flower for the rest of your career, what would it be?

      • Oh… such a tough and unfair question! Honestly. I really, really love working with roses. They are classic, yet also are incredibly playful, diverse, unique and can be used and manipulated in a million different ways to create a unique look each and every time. 

      Tell me one thing that you want your clients to know or think about before they talk to you?

      • I want my clients to know they’re hiring the right person. That they are in good hands and that they don’t need to worry about a thing. I’m the one who gets to hug them and hand them their bouquet on their wedding day, not some stranger. We’re in this together. 

      What is one industry secret that you want to share?

      • Zip ties are your best friend. You’ll spend more time at the hardware store than your design studio. You’ll huff more spray paint than you ever imagined. You’ll forget what sleep feels like. You’ll learn what you DON’T want in a wedding/event. (take your pick of those!)

      DIY Weddings… what should a couple know before venturing down this option?

      • Discuss what is on the tippy top of your “must-have” list and focus your time, money and energy there. 
        • I’m a professional florist and I would never do my own wedding flowers. There are professionals for a reason. Hire them and trust them when your budget allows. 
      • DIY does NOT always mean cheaper. Your time is money. Understand that you will spend a LOT of time and energy on these projects that you’re attempting for the first time, for little gain. Sometimes, it can be worth the extra moolah spent to hire the professional planner, photog, caterer, in order to take the pressure off. 

      Time to spill the tea, what is your pet peeve about wedding floral arrangements?

      • My pet-peeves would have to be corsages! They are SOSOSO beautiful and I love them every time I get to make them, they are just very tedious and time-consuming.