So you think you want to book your wedding with me!?! You’re probably asking yourself… well what next!



      If you’re like most people getting married you are already trying to plan out in person meetings with a million different vendors. Let’s just throw that out the window. Our first meeting will be over FaceTime it’ll be really informal and my daughter might make a guest appearance. If after this meeting you think we click I’ll send you a proposal to sign online and make a deposit through.



      This can be done in person, through email, or over FaceTime again if you just can’t get away from your dogs. We will make a photo timeline for the day so that you are confident that we have enough time for all of your activities planed on your wedding day. 

      If we are also doing an engagement session together. We will collaborate to find the best location for you and your partner to be photographed. Whether its at your home or on top of a mountain, its all about what resonates with you.

      two weeks until

      I DO

      By this time everything “should” be ironed out and this will just be grabbing drinks and going over things that might have changed since the last we talked… Like your best friend is flying home from Spain and its really important that we get photos of them. 

      WE'RE MARRIED!!!

      now what...

      The weddings over and everyones itching to see the photos of that embarrassing thing Rob and Kelly did after last call. DONT FRET! I got your back, because within a week. I’ll have a preview of your wedding day for everyone to check out. After that I’ll spend a couple trillion seconds editing your photos to perfection in both color and black & white. From that point I’ll send you a link for your gallery where your memories will be stored safely. Hopefully we become bffs and you have me over to photograph you and your kiddo in a couple years.






      How many hours do we need to book?

      Depends on your needs. Let's jump on a call, and I can help you determine the best course of action for your wedding day.

      Should we give you a photo list?

      Nah! But if you want to share your vision for you wedding with me please by all means! I'd love to see your color palette, decor, and dress details. I don't need a photo list though as I'd much rather be focused on the present at your wedding documenting real moments.

      I have my own info sheet that I'll have you fill out about a month before the event as well.

      Can I see a full gallery of your weddings?


      What I show on my social media isn't always a good representation of an entire wedding day. I'd love nothing more than for you to look through my full weddings that I've delivered to clients. It's important to have a good idea of what your photographs will look like from an entire wedding day.

      If you'd like to see a full gallery just ask with your initial inquiry

      Do you photograph weddings with a second photographer?

      90% of the weddings I shoot are photographed solo, but there are, 100%, times where a second photographer is really helpful. Whenever it'd be impossible to have coverage in two places at once, when the guest list is 125+, or anytime you just want extra coverage.

      Can we meet before the wedding day?

      Totally!!! Creating a space for you to be comfortable with me as your photographer is pretty pretty pretty important to being able to capture meaningful photographs, so some kind of contact outside of email if a *must* if you choose me as your wedding photographer.

      Do you travel for weddings?

      Yes of course. I love to travel and have put lots of miles on my 4runner. If you're out of the state of Colorado we can easily plan travel arrangements.

      Do you charge for travel?


      My travel rates are based on travel from Denver, Colorado. Depending on the destination this could include flights, taxi, subway, rental car, and accommodation. I typically base these off of a southwest and at the time of booking.

      IN STATE

      Mileage charges are built into the cost for all Colorado weddings. Depending on the distance from Denver I might require accommodations for the night prior and or the night of your wedding.

      Where is home base?

      Denver, Colorado is home base right now, with my wife Emily and our Daughter Jolene... Although I could see us ditching the city life and moving to the mountains one day.

      What do you charge?

      My starting price is $2800. For more info reach out!

      How do we book you for our wedding?

      First things first... lets meet either over video chat or in person if you're local to Denver. Once you
      are sure we are a match, I simply require a $1000 non-refundable retainer with a signed contract. If your wedding requires travel, I will also need those expenses paid at the time of booking to ensure travel costs are as quoted. Unfortunately, I cannot hold any dates without the signed contract, retainer, and any travel fees.

      what is your turn around time?

      It depends on the time of year, but typically 4-6 weeks for weddings and 1-2 weeks for engagements

      How many photographs do we get?

      For a typical 6-8 hour wedding expect to receive between 400-800 final images. This number can go up if there is a second photographer involved in the day.

      How do we get our images?

      You'll be emailed a link to your gallery, from your gallery you'll be able to download all of your photos. Please back them up as soon as possible. You can order prints or canvases straight from the gallery and they'll will be mailed directly to you. If friends and family are interested in prints, you can forward them the link to your gallery and they can easily order prints too.

      When does our gallery expire?

      Here's the thing... I don't believe in limiting you to a time frame for buying or downloading your photos. I'd much rather you feel peace at mind know that if your computer dies your photos will always be safe with me. Thats why I do not have an expiration date on your gallery. They'll be there every mothers day for when you're looking for that picture of mom to share.