Boreas Pass is an excellent location to have engagements photos taken near Breckenridge, Colorado. Basically located in town it starts at Aspen Alley and makes its way all the way through to 285. One of my favorite parts about going up to Breckenridge whether it is for a wedding, a portrait session, or just to get out of the city are the cookies from Mountain Top Cookie Shop in Town.

      I bet you thought I was going to say Whiskey, beer, or the slopes!? While these are all great options. Having kids changes things a little bit for me, so cookies reign supreme.

      Now if you’re NOT like me currently you’ll probably want to have a few things to do after your engagement session at Boreas Pass. There a ton of options, but I’m going to lay out two or three plans for you to do after your session. Because I want this to be more than just an evening taking photos with me. It is a date night, a night away from the city and all the fuss that comes with living in Denver.

      Food Near Boreas Pass

      Lets be real. Food is #1 in my eyes. Heres my list of a few places I think would make for a great date after your session.

      Aurum Food and Wine
      Mountain Flying Fish

      Now that you’ve had your photos taken and you’re stuffAF (hopefully!) from dinner you’ll be looking for a place to stay the night since no one likes driving on a full stomach… or is that swimming? Blah! Anyways, It’ll be late and you’ll probably want to enjoy the night without driving home down I-70.

      Boreas Pass Engagement Photo lodging options

      It’s 2021 and we have more options available to us than just the Resort Hotels that are in the Mountains. I’ve searched through and found a few condos available in Breckenridge that would be perfect for a couple to stay at for a night or weekend to go along with their engagement session.

      Condo Downtown with views of the river
      Spacious Condo
      Condo with views of the Slopes

      Wanna learn more?

      If you loved what you saw here and what to learn more about booking a session with me click the link below. If you’d like to see some more work from the Breckenridge area check out this blog post from Sapphire Point Overlook or this wedding at The Breckenridge Nordic Center


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