Moments Matter

      I believe that your wedding day is more than our time we spend together taking pictures. It’s about the moments you spend with your loved ones. The memories shared on the dance floor. It’s your parent giving their special piece of advice during speeches. It all matters to me as much as it matters to you.

      I love the drive-in movies. My favorite way to watch Star Wars is the machete order. I met my wife while following a couple bands around the country in our 20s, and we have matching deathly hollows tattoos. I’ve seen the disco biscuits 125+ times. I have a daughter named Jolene, yup, we named her after the Dolly Parton song. I love traveling with my family and showing Jolene the world.

      Why do I work weddings you ask? EASY ANSWER! My work days are never boring. They’re filled with love, affection, parties, and killer dance moves. Where else can you work where everyday is a different epic location watching two people devote themselves to each other.


      how will you document your legacy