Moments Matter

      My camera is a tool to support individuals so that they can see the best versions of themselves that their partner sees in them.


      Before getting married I never really thought about my impact on other people. I would just go about my days thinking only of myself and what was next on the agenda for that specific day. I was living in Columbus, Ohio in 2009 and I was getting ready to move to Colorado to become a concert photographer… let me tell you, that totally worked out…During this time I found it hard to imagine myself as a pillar of support for others because I was so focused on my wants and needs that I never slowed down to realize that what I needed was right in front of me. I just need to support others like I was being supported by the people around me. 

      When I married my partner I was able to slow down and focus on the things in life that really mattered. You could say I pierced the veil of disillusion, from a world of me me me to a place where I felt comfortable being a provider and lifting up others. Emily made me feel like anything was possible. My focus wasn’t on me anymore it morphed into what can I do to best support the people around me, so that they are able to do excel in their lives and the be the best version of themselves.

      Now that I have a family with Emily, Jolene, and baby Rez on the way I see my legacy and where I want to be in forty years. It is at the center of a family that supports each other in whatever endeavor we face over the years. Hiking through the mountains and vacations on different beaches each year. Broken bones during sports and celebratory dinners for promotions and life achievements.

      The lessons I’ve learned through the years of being married and starting my own family have better helped me to work with couples as a wedding photographer, because I realize how important the beginning of your legacy is too you. What I am here for is to help capture your beginnings, its not just your wedding day. I want to help you fully realize it is the memories and experiences that remind others of who we are and that being our best selves will lead us to having fuller more fulling marriages and lives.



      how will you document your legacy